Support Services

CIS SecureSuite Members, as a benefit of their investment in us, are eligible to receive the following support services from CIS staff at no charge:

  • Up to 2 hours of telephone support per month, after initial e-mail contact.
  • Unlimited email support by writing to:
  • Unlimited participation in the discussion forums on the CIS WorkBench

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Support is provided to CIS SecureSuite Members for downloading and implementing the resources in the Member organization.

Members who require more than two hours of live support service in any given month may consult a CIS-affiliated information security consultant who provides support services on a fee-for-service basis.

Not a CIS SecureSuite member? We're still happy to help! If you need help downloading a CIS Benchmark, CIS-CAT Lite, the CIS Controls, or CIS Security Metrics files from the CIS public web site, you are still eligible to receive e-mail support from CIS staff.