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The CIS SecureSuite Membership agreement allows for the hosting, cloud and/or managed services provider the right to use and distribute the CIS SecureSuite resources internally throughout their organization to secure the organization’s owned system/network(s). In addition, under this membership level, hosting, cloud and/or managed services provider(s) can incorporate the CIS SecureSuite resources into the components of the system/network(s), software, storage, hardware needed to support and secure the hosting, cloud and/or managed service(s) provided to the client(s). Hosting services includes, but is not limited to Software as a Service (SaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS).

The CIS SecureSuite resources may not be sold, re-sold or distributed to the hosting, cloud or managed services client(s).

The CIS SecureSuite Services Membership allows providers:

  • Access to and use of the CIS SecureSuite resources to secure their company’s internal systems;
  • The right to download, install, and use the CIS SecureSuite resources for the sole purpose of supporting their hosting and/or managed services business; and
  • The right to use the CIS SecureSuite Name and Logo on reports and related materials prepared for their clients, in accordance with the terms and conditions of the CIS SecureSuite Trademarks Use Policy.

As a CIS SecureSuite Services Member, you may state the following:

MEMBER is a CIS SecureSuite Services Member. As part of this community, MEMBER has access to CIS SecureSuite resources where MEMBER is an integral stakeholder in collaborating on security best practices. MEMBER leverages these resources and best practices to measure and improve the security posture of our systems and our clients’ data.*

*CIS does not permit use of language that states that your product/offering/hosting environment has been hardened and secured by CIS Benchmarks.

Services Use Pricing


CIS SecureSuite Membership Fees based on Annual Revenue**

Annual Revenue Range

Annual Membership Fee

$1B +


$100M - $999M


$10M - $99M


$1M - $9M


$0k - $999K


** Pricing subject to change. Annual revenue is verified using publicly available information.

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A membership agreement is required and all use(s) will be incorporated as applicable to the organization. The term of the membership and the hosting, cloud and managed services use agreement is one year from the date of execution.  A CIS SecureSuite Services Membership also entitles the company to additional significant benefits described on the Membership page.

Please note that the CIS SecureSuite Terms of Use prohibits the public from redistributing the resources and/or from using them for any commercial purposes other than the uses in your membership category. This is to ensure that members are always working with the latest versions of the CIS SecureSuite resources that have been developed through the CIS consensus process.

To learn more about this membership level and to request a copy of the agreement contact us.