CIS Security Benchmarks Membership

Security Benchmarks Membership gives you the most complete access to all CIS has to offer.

Benefits include:

1. Access to the CIS Configuration Assessment Tool (CIS-CAT), which analyzes the configuration of target systems and returns a score between 1-100 for Security Benchmark conformity. CIS-CAT reports make it easy to identify which aspects of a target system are out of compliance. Learn more about CIS-CAT.

2. The right to distribute the Security Benchmarks, Benchmark Assessment Tools, CIS Controls and Consensus Security Metrics within your organization.

3. Access to the Security Benchmarks Members website, including:

  • Development versions of Security Benchmarks not available to the general public (Word, Excel, XCCDF, OVAL, XML)
  • CIS Controls
  • Automated remediation kits for implementing and assessing Security Benchmark guidance
  • Tutorials and webcasts
  • Member-only discussion forums 

4. Enhanced support from staff and developers.  Learn more about CIS Member support.

5. Option to list your organization's name / logo on the  Membership Roster.

6. The right to use the CIS Security Benchmarks logo  on your organization's website and documents, establishing its status as a leader in formulating better IT security standards.

Additional Rights and Benefits for:

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