CIS SecureSuite Membership

Used by over 1,000 businesses and organizations worldwide to defend against cyber attacks, CIS SecureSuite Membership provides a host of integrated cybersecurity resources, including:

1. Access to CIS-CAT Pro, a robust tool with Assessor and Dashboard components:

CIS-CAT Pro Assessor:

  • Scans against a target system’s configuration settings and reports the system’s compliance to the corresponding CIS Benchmark (80+ CIS Benchmarks available).
  • Select CIS Benchmarks annotated with CIS Controls mappings
  • Multiple reporting formats and the ability to quickly review remediation steps for noncompliant settings
  • SCAP-validated CIS-CAT Pro Assessor saves users hours of tedious manual configuration
  • Port assessment results to the CIS-CAT Pro Dashboard

CIS-CAT Pro Dashboard:

  • View system(s) compliance to the CIS Benchmarks over a period of time
  • CIS Controls view for any annotated CIS Benchmark content
  • "Displays results for target systems with an easy-to-read graph format
  • Sort data per CIS Benchmark or per device
  • Tag systems (admin, PCI, dev box) in order to view compliance to CIS Benchmarks for a group of systems
  • Ability to create exceptions and automatically recalculate assessment scoring

2. Via CIS WorkBench

  • Easily tailor benchmark recommendations to fit your company’s internal policies
  • Export the CIS Benchmarks in various formats (Word, Excel, XCCDF, OVAL, XML)
  • Conveniently download the complete CIS Controls Library

3. Access to remediation content (GPOs, Linux) for rapidly implementing CIS Benchmark recommendations

4. The right to distribute the CIS SecureSuite resources within your organization.

5. Enhanced technical support from staff and developers

6. Option to list your organization's name / logo on the CIS website

7. The right to use the CIS SecureSuite logo on your organization's website and documents, establishing its status as a leader in formulating better IT security standards.

Additional CIS SecureSuite Membership benefits for:

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