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Who Should Become a Member of CIS Security Benchmarks?

  • Users and Organizations who depend on their IT systems being secure and reliable.
  • Auditors who work to verify the security of clients' automated IT systems in a way that is consistent with their audits of other standards-based business processes.
  • IT Consultants who help clients improve their system security configurations to levels that are widely accepted as prudent due care or best practice.
  • Security Software Vendors who market commercially available tools that assess and report the conformance of system security configurations with the settings and actions defined in CIS benchmarks.
  • ISPs, Web Hosting Companies, Business-to-Business e-Commerce Exchanges, and others who have a direct stake in minimizing their customers' risk of business disruptions and cyber crime.
  • Insurance Companies that aim to minimize the underwriting risk associated with the information assets of the businesses they insure.
  • Network security specialists, firewall administrators, and others whose job it is to ensure the confidentiality, privacy, integrity, and availability of information assets under their custodial care.


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CIS Certified Vendors


Review a list of security software vendors who has received CIS certification to integrate the CIS benchmark content into their security software assessment and/or remediation product(s).


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Review a list of security consultants who are CIS Security Benchmarks Members allowing them to use the member resources in consulting engagements with their external customers to secure client data.