Benchmark Editor Overview

To ensure the highest level of benchmark quality and freshness each benchmark must be actively edited. Editing a CIS Benchmark requires subject matter expertise and time; often more time than any one individual can consistently dedicate. To address this, we established an editor group for each benchmark to maintain a high level of guidance quality.

Benchmark Editors and Consensus Teams

Benchmark editors are tasked with engaging the consensus team to resolve any benchmark defects. With respect to benchmark content, the opinions of benchmark editors carry the same weight as the opinions of any other consensus team member.

Benchmark Editors and Benchmark Authors

CIS encourages individuals to author drafts of new benchmarks and rewrite existing benchmarks; these individuals are benchmark authors. During the consensus process for a new or rewritten benchmark, the author is responsible for engaging the consensus team and updating draft revisions. Once the consensus process is complete, this responsibility transitions to the editor group. Ideally, benchmark authors will become members of their respective editor group at the completion of the consensus process. The opinion of benchmark editors, with respect to benchmark content, does not carry more or less weight than the benchmark author - they are equal.

Benefits for Editors

Benchmark editors will enjoy the following benefits for their contributions to the CIS community:

  • Individual CIS SecureSuite Membership for as long as you are an editor.
  • Recognition as a benchmark editor on the CIS website.
  • Recognition as a benchmark editor in each benchmark update that is released during your term.
  • A variable amount of Continuing Professional Education (CPE) credits toward editing ISC2 and ISACA certifications.
  • Access to beta release of CIS Benchmarks and benchmark audit tools.


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How many editors will there be per benchmark?

    The number of editors per benchmark will vary. However, our goal is to establish at least three editors per benchmark.

  2. What is the turn-around expectation for responding to and resolving defects?

    Our goal is to resolve most defects in two weeks. However, there are factors that may prolong resolving the defects, such as contention in the consensus team.

  3. Is there an Editor Leader, or does that role fall to the Benchmark Author?

    Currently, there are no Editor Leaders - all editors are considered equal. The Benchmark Author role is only applicable when an existing benchmark is being overhauled. In such a scenario, Editors are encouraged to participate in discussion but are not expected to make draft updates or consolidate consensus team feedback. At the conclusion of a benchmark overhaul, Editors resume their normal responsibilities.

  4. Is there a minimum time commitment (e.g. one year)?

    A minimum commitment of one year is ideal. However, we do understand that life happens and that there will be times throughout the year that your availability to work on benchmarks is reduced.

  5. Will I have to sign a contract or agreement?

    Yes, however, it's short and states the following:
    1. All contributions made to a given benchmark are the property of CIS. This helps us avoid sticky intellectual property disputes that may limit CIS' ability to distribute the benchmarks.
    2. You can terminate the agreement whenever you want - so can CIS.

Further questions? Please contact us.

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