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CIS SecureSuite resources are created through a collaborative effort that takes place on the CIS WorkBench.
There are multiple ways to participate in the ongoing development of CIS Benchmarks, CIS Controls, CIS Consensus Security Metrics and more. The CIS SecureSuite collaboration process involves these roles.

  • Author: Creates an initial benchmark draft and presents it to the consensus team for review. The author incorporates consensus team feedback into the draft and leads the consensus process.
  • Contributor: Takes an active role in defining and extending content in the consensus process by providing content, reviewing evolving drafts and providing feedback / approval through the discussion lists, surveys, and/or periodic teleconferences.
  • Reviewer: Reviews draft content for syntactical, grammatical, aesthetic, and readability issues. Additionally, provides approval through discussion lists and/or surveys.
  • Maintainer: Reviews draft content and works with the maintainer group to correct any defects (such as omissions, superfluities, or formatting errors) in the content.

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