CIS Benchmarks are recommended technical settings for operating systems, middleware and software applications, and network devices. Developed in a unique consensus-based process comprised of hundreds of security professionals worldwide as de facto, best-practice configuration standards.

CIS Benchmarks are the only consensus-based security configuration guides both developed and accepted by government, business, industry, and academia. Our resources are used by organizations worldwide to help meet compliance requirements for FISMA, PCI, HIPAA and more. Learn more about how the CIS Benchmarks relate to compliance.

Community Approach

The strength of our resources comes from a rigorous development process which takes place in our consensus communities. Collaborative groups help to develop and refine not only the CIS Benchmarks, but also the CIS Controls, a concise, prioritized set of cyber practices created to stop today's most pervasive and dangerous cyber attacks. These resources help organizations effectively implement cybersecurity strategy and have been shown to dramatically improve security posture when applied. Learn more about our communities.

The success of these initiatives can also be attributed to the strength of our CIS SecureSuite Member community. CIS SecureSuite Members include companies of all sizes, government agencies, colleges and universities, nonprofits, IT consultants, and product vendors. Learn more about CIS SecureSuite Membership Benefits and Pricing.

The tremendous commitment to excellence and collaboration through which our consensus communities and CIS SecureSuite Members operate is instrumental in our collective success.

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