Download CIS Security Configuration Benchmarks, Assessment Tools, and Security Metrics Definitions

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Available Free of Charge

On this web site, you'll find:


Available to CIS Security Benchmarks Members

In the Downloads section of ths CIS Security Benchmarks Member Web site (registered account information required), members will find:

  • CIS-CAT, which tests a target systems for conformance with Benchmarks encoded in XCCDF
  • Over 35 Benchmarks in XCCDF (XML) format (Of which over 10 are also available in OVAL)
  • A guide for modifying Benchmark XML files for use in CIS-CAT
    • By modifying Benchmark XML files, members can use CIS-CAT to scan systems for conformance with configuration policies customized by the members themselves.
  • CIS Pre-configured Hardened Virtual Images
  • Word/Excel Versions of the CIS Benchmarks
  • Automated remediation content for implementing and assessing Benchmark guidance
  • Forums for information-sharing, user support, and discussion among members, developers, and the CIS staff

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